3rd Study

Technology: Equipment, ICT, Roaming

This activity defines the technology component for the ultra-charge equipment, network performance and services, integrated vertically (OEM, electric utility, CPO, roaming platform), and introduces new functionality in the form of Plug&Charge and advanced reservations required for data collection in the studies and the pilot. 


3.1 Equipment Requirements

The beneficiaries will evaluate the requirements for charger performance, incorporating Plug&Charge features, ensuring compatibility with current 50 kW chargers and customer identification procedures. The partners will design features for future upward compatibility based on Combined Charging System (CCS) plugs and evaluation of additional plugs (Multi-Standard, as done for 50 kW fast chargers). A part of the action is the evaluation of costs and benefits of installing 150 kW or 300 kW UCs. Scoping of potential market suppliers, preliminary cost estimates, testing or prototype purchases will also be executed.

3.2 Vertical Integration and Interfaces

The target is to integrate renewable energy sources for electrical supply, electrical supply hook-up requirements and to evaluate a potential for load management. In addition, the verification with electrical network capabilities and connection procedures will be documented. 

3.3 Network Operations ICT

This sub-action is set to define procedures and tools for network operations, management, maintenance and service provision. The definition of the architecture and the evaluation of any functionality or applicable standard (incl. Plug&Charge) to support consumer access, clearing and settlement services for roaming and security authentication are core tasks. Introducing advanced reservation, supporting consumer confidence incl. accepted business procedure for booking/cancellation are part of the scope.