2nd Study

Ultra-Charge Network Planning

The core objective of this activity is to review and finalize the set of 25 pilot locations that can both serve as the initial backbone of the full network and use the learning experience for defining the full rollout. The consortium will define the network objectives and produce an implementable network design for the full rollout of the pan-EU Ultra-Charge network.


2.1 Site locations and Layout

This sub-activity formalizes the site selection and finalization, based on the network layout proposed for the network backbone and for best pilot conditions. Once a site is finalized, this stage covers the functional design and layout for each site, preparation of documentation for submission of approval, permitting and licensing processes as needed. It includes, if necessary, revision in sites locations selection due to unforeseen circumstances.

2.2 Pan -EU UC Network Plan-

Define the network objectives, deployment targets, planning methodology, evaluate alternatives, select preferred network plan, and staged rollout. This process will incorporate the experience with network planning in other projects (SLAM, CEGC, and FAST-E).