1st Study

Market and Business Model

This study will provide the understanding of current EV policies, consumer preferences and the near-future developments for technology in order to review best practices and identify the most promising next steps. It supplements the pilot with innovative business offering to support the plan for a full rollout. The objective is to understand all necessary technical economic and customer-related requirements to ensure EU-wide standardized interoperability.


1.1 Technological Developments and Implications for EV Services

The sub-activity assess the technology development for vehicles, batteries, charging and ICT across all vehicle types: cars, vans, trucks and buses. The action will highlight the development impacts of Ultra-Charging (UC) for vehicle battery, safety and Human-Machine Interface (HMI) as well as the implications for network architecture or establishing long distance-mobility for goods and people. The intention is to cover various use cases highlighting the gaps in current technology and operations that need to be closed between vehicle manufacturers, utility companies, charge point operators, roaming platform providers, and mobility service providers.

1.2 Business Innovations

The main driver is to identify the extent of market offerings, most promising next steps for network deployment, network management processes, and consumer services to maximize benefits from e-mobility potential, incl. using the same infrastructure to service buses and trucks in addition to private cars, a new segment of business customers and outlining the service packages needed to meet the needs of commercial vehicle operators. An evaluation of market maturity, risk reduction and financing options, business models needs to be done, and steps towards profitable operations towards the pan-EU rollout will be shown.

1.3 Consumer Attitudes and Preferences

The sub-activity will consider use cases for slow, fast and ultra-charging in creating a network that provides consumer choices fitted to travel needs, in one integrated network slow, fast and UC. The beneficiaries will engage in discussions with commercial vehicle operators, e.g.: bus operators, airport authorities and trucking companies to identify new opportunities for the UC network.

1.4 Policy Support for EV Technologies, Services and Customer Entry

This sub-activity will recommend policies for promoting UC, taking into account the changes in the technology offering, industry maturing and private consumer uptake and integrating commercial vehicles. The outcome will be a list of recommendations at EU level and country level as relevant to this Action (BE, NL, DE, AT, FR).