Strong Relations

ultra-E is driven by a broad alliance of utilities, carmakers, automotive suppliers, a roaming platform, and public bodies. The following partners join forces to implement the project by end of 2018: Allego, VERBUND, SMATRICS, Bayern Innovativ, Audi, BMW, Magna, Renault, and Hubject.

Allego GmbH, ultra-E (DE/BE) coordinator and a leading CPO (Charge Point Operator) which has significant expertise in e-mobility, including the creation of a network of multi standard fast chargers throughout The Netherlands (CIR with role split of CPO and MSPs), Belgium and Germany (400 DC fast chargers deployment in urban areas and along major transportation routes. Allego was also awarded by several municipalities in the Netherlands and Germany, such as the Federal State of Berlin to deploy EV charging outlets (mainly AC chargers) for urban transportation. The main focus of the company is the operation of a reliable network of both AC- and DC charging equipment for Electric Vehicles and to allow EV charging to any driver of an electric vehicle by entering into contracts with all Mobility Service Providers in Europe.