press release

ultra-E closing event in Salzburg

On the 10th of October 2019  Allego hosted the closing event of the ultra-E project in Salzburg. Major stakeholders were present such as Audi, BMW, Efacec, Siemens, Verbund, Flixbus and Torqueedo.

With ultra-E the consortium was laying the foundation stone for the construction of a full-scale, Trans-European, ultra-rapid charging network with HPC-chargers up to 350 kW. €6.5 million of EU funding supported the installation of locations.

From now on we offer EV drivers 25 ultra-rapid charging locations, more than 90 HPC-chargers along a stretch of more than 1,100 km. The network will offer HPC charging at intervals of 120-150km on a route spanning Austria, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Before gathering at the closing event a successful live test was conducted with the journalists from at the German HPC location Bernau. Four brand new Audi models plus one smaller car were charging at the same time. The result: total power of the station was almost 600 kW.