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1st September 2018

ultra-E at the WE CONNECT Europe event Brussel

21st December 2017

press release

Europe’s first public ultra-fast charging station now operational

21st October 2017

CEF Days Tallinn

1st May 2017

Hubject Intercharge Conference

18th October 2016

eCarTec Munich 2016

First presentation of ultra-E concept

10th October 2019

ultra-E closing event in Salzburg

25th April 2018

ultra-E joins TEN-T days in Ljubljana

1st November 2017

press release

Allego and SMATRICS are installing the first ultra-fast-charging stations in Germany and Austria

17th October 2017

eMove 2017 Munich

First presentation of ultra-E fast-charger

9th May 2017

COFAT - Key note

18th October 2016

press release

Ultra-Fast-Charging for electric vehicles starting in Europe