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Allego and SMATRICS are installing the first ultra-fast-charging stations in Germany and Austria

Construction of first three sites gives starting signal for large, cohesive, ultra-fast charging network.

  • The first three sites will be constructed in Germany from Allego and Austria from SMATRICS in the coming weeks.
  • Four latest-generation electric vehicles can charge simultaneously at each site.
  • Power components with a total output of 700 kW at each site.

Allego deploys the first two sites with ultra-fast charging infrastructure along important German transport corridors as part of the project ultra-E, launched in October 2016. The first two sites are on

  • Federal Autobahn 3, Saarläckerstraße in Kleinostheim, right by the exit ‚Aschaffenburg‘
  • Federal Autobahn 8, Bernau, at the Shell filling station right by the exit ‘Bernau’

Berlin, 1st November 2017, In addition to Germany (a total of 12 sites), Allego will be completing installations over the coming year with charging stations in the Netherlands (5 sites) and Belgium (4 sites). In Austria, SMATRICS is starting expansion of the ultra-fast charging network at a central European transport hub, namely in the Vienna metropolitan region. A further three charging sites will follow in the coming months in Salzburg, Linz, and Graz. All 25 ultra-fast charging stations will be installed by the end of 2018.

With their close proximity to major federal autobahns, all the sites offer ideal facilities for drivers of current electric vehicles and in particular the long-distance electric cars of the future.

This marks the start of Europe’s first large, cohesive, ultra-fast charging network. In the first stage of development, the sites will each be equipped with four ultra-fast charging stations, each offering up to 175 kW charging capacity. In the final stage of developing the system – thanks to the smart technology – two of the four charging stations will even offer up to 350 kW. With that in mind, the sites have already been equipped with sufficiently dimensioned grid connections to allow for future expansion of the charging options. The ultra-fast charging stations are based on the European CCS standard. The sites will also offer an additional 50 kW multi-standard fast charging station, so as to serve all the standard electric vehicles.

About Allego

Allego operates charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in Europe. Based in Arnhem (NL) and with branches in Berlin and Mechelen (Belgium), the company holds a neutral market position as a pure operator and acts independently of any supplier in terms of charging technology. This enables Allego to ensures maximum flexibility and top reliability as regards the availability of charging facilities. When constructing and operating charging technology for electric vehicles, the company’s special focus is on establishing a comprehensive network of both normal charging stations and fast chargers. The company already has more than 150 fast chargers in operation along the motorways of the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium. Further information:


VERBUND is Austria's leading electricity company and one of the biggest producers of hydroelectricity in Europe. The company generates around 96 percent of its electricity from renewable sources, mainly hydropower. VERBUND has about 3000 employees and trades in electricity in 12 countries. In 2016, it achieved annual turnover of some EUR 2.8 billion. Together with its subsidiaries and partners, VERBUND is active in the fields of power generation, transport, and international trading and distribution of energy. VERBUND has been listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange since 1988. The Austrian Republic holds 51% of its share capital. Further information:

SMATRICS, a joint venture between VERBUND and Siemens, is a leading provider of electric mobility services and is the first and only provider to operate a nationwide charging network in Austria. All the electricity for the high-speed charging network – with 400 charging points within a radius of around 60 km – comes from Austrian hydropower. SMATRICS offers all users barrier-free access to the network via smartphone and credit card, flexible payment models, and user-oriented services such as a mobile app and a 24/7 customer hotline. The range of services also includes tailor-made charging solutions for companies, their employees, customers, and guests. From advice on installation and operation of the infrastructure right through to individual billing models, SMATRICS offers all its services from a single source.